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Junko McGee

I fell in love with clay more than 25 years ago when I saw a very beautiful African Violet pot at my friend's house. From there, I took my first lesson which quickly grew into a passion. Since then, I have attended countless art shows, and my pieces have been displayed in galleries and stores in Buffalo, NY, where I have just recently retired as an elementary school teacher for 30 years and raised my family.

My work varies from traditional pieces thrown on the wheel to hand-built pieces with organic shapes. My current focus includes double walled vases, pots with wax resist patterns, and toroid (ring shape) vases along with functional favorites such as teapots.  My art is inspired by earth tones and patterns in nature and multicolored brush stroke glazing is my signature technique which resembles water color paintings.  I always strive for new techniques in my creations and look forward to meeting you in the future!

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